Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life. You spend months planning and organizing so that when the date arrives, everything goes according to plan. One part of the planning process that is sometimes overlooked is the transportation to and from the wedding. At Aspen Limo Tours, one of our specialties is providing timely and reliable luxury wedding transportation. We own an impressive fleet of luxury vehicles, and we provide the most affordable party bus rentals in Portland. We have compiled some useful tips to help make organizing transportation for your wedding a breeze.

When looking for a limousine or party bus for your wedding, you should start looking at least six months before your wedding date. During May and June limousines are in very high demand for prom and graduation parties, so if your wedding is taking place during those months you should book a limousine even further in advance. The last thing you want to do is have to worry about transportation at the last minute. You won’t have time to do your research, so you may end up settling for sub-par luxury limousine service.

Do your research before you rent a limousine or a party bus. Ask about minimum time requirements, mileage charges or any other fees that might be included with the service. Also make sure to check that the company’s vehicles are all properly licensed and up to code, and ask about your driver’s experience and qualifications. You probably don’t want a rookie limo driver providing the transportation for your wedding.

Your groomsmen and bridesmaids are a huge part of your wedding. Renting a limousine for them is a great way to show gratitude and let them know that they are appreciated. It will also ensure that they all have a great time at your wedding! Also, don’t be afraid to ask for certain amenities to enhance your limousine experience. If you want your wedding limo stocked with a certain kind of champagne, let the rental company know about it well in advance. They will typically be able to write things like that into your contract, and they are usually more than willing to make accommodations, especially if it is for your wedding.

At Aspen Limo Tours, we are always happy to provide our customers with exceptional wedding limo services. If you follow these few, simple tips, your wedding transportation should go off without a hitch.