If transportation is an important part of your business, then you might be deciding whether to maintain your fleet, get a new fleet or trade it in for hiring-out your transportation. There are an array of reasons regarding the feasibility and affordability of hiring vehicles to reduce the overall costs and the hassles related to any form of conveyance. Here are 4 reasons as to why you should hire transportation, and not maintain a personal fleet of vehicles.

If you hire your transportation versus owning your own fleet, you will have to incur the cost of insurance for each one of your vehicles. That means, night and day, whether you’re using the vehicle or not, it’s costing you money through being insured.

Maintenance Costs
If you’ve owned a car before, you know that it can be costly to keep. If it’s being used, it’s going to need maintenance, which can be unpredictable and expensive.

Storage costs
By hiring out your transportation needs, that means you don’t have to store your vehicles anywhere. This means not paying for parking spaces or or other vehicle storage costs. It can also free up space around your business to store other things, saving you money in other ways.

Vehicle Depreciation
There is always a cost to owning a vehicle, even when it isn’t being used. During use, there’s wear and tear on the vehicle, acquiring milage, and overall depreciation. Unless they’re a collectors car, which is unlikely, just through age, a vehicle’s value is dropping every day. By hiring transportation, you aren’t paying for any depreciation costs, only what you’re using it for.

Fuel Costs
When hiring transportation services, it’s clear what the entire cost will be in the beginning. When having your own fleet vehicles, your fuel cost may very from driver to driver, depending on their method of driving the vehicle. This is one way to ensure what your costs are going to be constantly.

Labor Costs
If you’re hiring someone to drive your fleet vehicles, you may still have to continue paying them during down time when they aren’t driving the vehicles. Not only that, but hiring your own drivers will cost you to pay for their unemployment insurance and other employment-related costs. By hiring out transportation, you are only paying for when the driver is actually doing the driving, and this can save you money in the long run.

Accidents can be unpredictable and costly for a company. If a business is liable for any damages, you have to pay insurance premiums and your future premiums and expenses will likely increase. Sometimes things happen that insurance companies won’t cover. Both major and minor natural disasters can cause a lot of damage to vehicles, such as hurricanes or even hail storms, and sometimes insurance companies won’t cover these types of damages, which can be a major expense. When hiring out transportation services, accidents might still happen, yet you don’t incur any of the costs. It can be quite reassuring and cost effective to save money that way.

If you need transportation services and don’t want to obtain your own fleet vehicles, check out aspenlimotours.com today. We would love to help you save money and give you corporate transportation with class and style.