Get a head start this year gentlemen and start planning your Valentines Day now.

1. Get Away

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas - Get Away

Nothing is quite as romantic as a surprise getaway. We don’t recommend surprise trips out of the blue however because it can often conflict with schedules and cause you to waste a lot of money. Instead we like the idea of planning a little get away to the beach or a nearby resort town and then last minute let your significant other know that you’re not going to that little ski town a few hours away, instead you’re going to Hawaii!!! Of course if that’s not in your budget, getting away to a nearby resort town is a great V-Day idea and we wholly support it. Throughout the years we have given countless limousine rides to ski resorts and vacation destinations throughout Oregon and Washington for Valentines Day and we have seen a lot of smiling faces both leaving and coming home.

2. Do Something Physical

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas - Ice Skating

Go for a long walk, take her skiing or ice skating, or go horse back riding. The activity is fun, the concept is unique and she will love the thought that you put into planning the date and its activities.

3. Get A Couples Massage

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas - Couples Massage

A massage is always a special treat. So buying your date a massage is nice, but you could make it extra special by getting one yourself. Most massage spas have spaces designed for couples massages.

4. Stay At A Hotel

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas - Hotel

If you’re planning on going out on the town for the evening or seeing a show and having dinner, sounds like you have all your bases covered… except when it comes to getting home. Save yourself a trip and stay at a hotel near your other destinations. It doesn’t matter if you’re not going out of town, changing your surroundings and taking the stress out of the evening is important for creating a romantic atmosphere. Remember that if you’re going out for a night on the town a limousine is always a classy choice of transportation.

5. Stay At Home

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas - Stay at Home

If going out isn’t your thing, you can always stay home. But don’t think just because your lady doesn’t like going out that you’re off the hook. If you go this route you should probably try to plan breakfast in bed, movies to watch, games to play, cook dinner, and have some special champagne and a good gift. Nothing ruins the romance faster than the appearance of apathy on Valentines Day.

6. 24 Hours of Chocolate

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas - 24 Hours of Chocolate

Chocolates are synonymous with V-Day so number 6 on our list is somewhat of an obvious choice… or is it? The 24 hours of Chocolate idea came about by combining the traditional romantic idea of hiding gifts or messages for your significant other around the house with the traditional Valentines Day gift of chocolate. Basically you plant chocolate gifts around the house (24 total) and provide prompts throughout the day to find them. Each one can have a clue attached to it to help your significant other find the next treat. You don’t have to do 24 since you probably wont be awake for 24 hours straight. This idea can also be used for the 7 Day of Chocolate, meaning you do the same thing but with 7 gifts instead of 24 and you spread it out over 7 days instead of just one.

7. Reenact Your First Date

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas - Reenact First Date

This could either be incredibly romantic or totally lame depending on where you went for your first date. We recommend reenacting your second or third date if perhaps you got fast food or coffee for your first date. If you happen to be high-school sweethearts you could even try reenacting prom. Just make sure she can still fit into her prom dress before you spring that one on her.

8. Dress Up Fancy

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas - Dress Up Fancy

Most folks don’t get a lot of good opportunities to dress up really fancy in life. You have weddings, some business events, maybe a few things here and there. Dressing up all fancy has an effect on you. It makes you feel special, and on Valentines Day the whole point is to make your lady feel special. So dress up dang it!

9. Make A Path of Rose Petals

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas - Rose Petals

This one might be a bit cliche, but it shows that you put in some time and effort and are at least trying to be romantic. If you’ve never done this before, give it a shot. If you do it all the time, it might not be as significant.

10. Propose

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas - Propose

Okay so these last two were kind of cop-outs. This might seem cliche and it might seem incredibly romantic. It all depends on the person. So if you know your significant other better than I do (I sincerely hope you do), than you will know if this is a good idea or a bad idea. One thing is for sure, if you two are right for each other, and you do propose, it will make this an unforgettable day forever.