The bachelor party may seem like a modern event, but its roots can actually be traced all the way back to the ancient Spartans. When a Spartan soldier was getting married, his fellow soldiers would host a dinner in honor of his last night of being single. Over the years the typical bachelor party has changed significantly. Now instead of an honorary dinner, a party is thrown, often involving lots of alcohol and potentially even strip clubs. While these things are practically synonymous with bachelor parties nowadays, it is very possible to plan a successful bachelor party without them. At Aspen Limo Tours, we have provided the Portland limousine service for countless bachelor and bachelorette parties. We also offer the most affordable party bus rental in Portland. We have written this list to help you plan a classy bachelor or bachelorette party.

A bachelor party has many different names. In Canada and the U.K. they are called stag parties, and in Australia they are called buck’s parties. No matter what you call them, a bachelor party is a rite of passage. It symbolizes the transition from single life into marriage and family life. The point of a bachelor party is to show the bride or groom a great time so that they can relax, have fun and forget about their pre-wedding anxiety.

No two people are exactly alike, so you should plan out the night’s activities based on the bride or groom’s interests. Never assume that they want to drink heavily or go to strip clubs. Your idea of a good time may not be what the bride or groom had in mind. If you want the party to be a surprise, ask your friend in advance about what they would want to do for their bachelor party. If your friend loves the outdoors, plan a ski trip to the mountain or a white water rafting trip. If he or she is a sports fanatic, take them to a professional or collegiate sporting event for the day. Or if they would just prefer spending some quality time with their best friends before the big day, you could set up a poker night. A general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t do anything too dangerous. Rock climbing or extreme mountain biking may seem like a cool idea, but if the bride or groom is injured, it could put a damper on the wedding and the honeymoon.

Another thing to consider when you are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party is the budget. Don’t choose an excessively expensive activity if you know that some of the bridge or groom’s guests won’t be able to afford it. It’s also a smart idea to pick the date and make all of the travel arrangements at least a few weeks in advance. There is going to be a lot of stress and cramming going on with the wedding and you don’t want to interfere with that situation.

One of the main issues with any bachelor or bachelorette party is transportation. You want everyone to have a good time, so you don’t want to have to relegate designated drivers. The solution to this problem is a limo or party bus. At Aspen Limo Tours, we offer the highest quality party bus rental in Portland. If you need reliable transportation for you and a large group of friends, a party bus is exactly what you’re looking for.