From birthday parties to corporate meetings, just about any special occasion or event can be complemented nicely with a high quality limousine service; however, not all limo companies are the same. When you are renting a limousine, you want to make sure that the company you hire is running a legitimate business. Aspen Limo Tours is a distinguished Portland limo service that has provided luxury transportation for hundreds of different events. We have listed a few tips that will help you determine if a limo service is up to your standards before you rent.

When you are renting a limousine, be sure to ask if you can personally inspect the limo you will be using. Legitimate limo companies will gladly accommodate this request. When you are inspecting the vehicle, you should look for a license number, as well as a livery plate. If the limo is lacking these, then it is probably not legal to drive. Also make sure that the limousine is insured to comply with state laws.

The next thing you should inspect is the physical condition of the limousine. If it has more than 200,000 miles, forget about it. Any limousine that has seen that many miles is bound to break down unexpectedly. Examine the exterior of the limousine for scratches or dents. Once you are done with the exterior, move on to the interior. Have the driver turn on the limousine and check to see how the rear air conditioning works. Check to see if all of the interior lights are working, both on the ceiling and on the bar. If there are stains in the carpet or if the cabin smells musty, you can bet that the limo company isn’t doing a very good job of maintaining its limousine fleet.

Portland Limousine Service

A limousine can really enhance any experience, as long as that limousine is immaculate and well-maintained. At Aspen Limo Tours, we own a fleet of Portland party buses and limousines and we go to great lengths to ensure that they are in pristine condition for each and every client that we serve.