The Oregon wine industry has exploded in popularity over the past 20 years, and now people from all over the state come to tour the hundreds of wineries that are located in the Willamette Valley. Here are some tips about the best time to schedule an Oregon wine tour, and other helpful advice.

There are several months out of the year that are the ideal time to take a trip to the Willamette Valley for a wine tour. If you go during May or June, there is more of a chance of rain but there will be a lot more color and better Oregon Wine Toursviews. If you visit in July, August, or September then the weather is more likely to be dry and sunny. Even in October when it gets colder the fog can make for some spectacular views.

There are hundreds of wineries in the Willamette Valley, but there are a few that set themselves apart from the rest and are certainly worth touring. The Bethel Heights Vineyard is located just outside of Salem, and was founded in 1977. It has an excellent view of the surrounding valley, delicious wine and a very friendly and helpful staff whom are very open to providing winery tours.

Domaine Serene is another highly regarded Oregon winery. Founded in 1989 in the Dundee Hills, the winery is famous for producing world-class Pinot Noir and was named “the estate winery of the year” in 2003 by Wine and Spirits Magazine. The winery offers an amazing view of the Dundee Hills on top of all of their delicious wine. The owners of the winery are very passionate about the products they produce, and are more than happy to entertain visitors.

Transportation is one of the key considerations when planning a wine tour in the Willamette Valley. That is why Aspen Limo Tours offers a service for awesome Willamette Valley wine tours. We have a staff of friendly, intelligent drivers that know the local wine industry. You can plan out your own tour, or the experts at Aspen Limo can plan one out for you!