Bachelorette-Party-IdeasSo you’re about to have one last fling before the ring? Why not take advantage of Oregon’s amazing summer, and host a bachelorette party that embraces the best of what the season has to offer? Here are 5 of our best summer-centric bachelorette party ideas.

1. Beach Vacation
Oregon coast bachelorette party

Rent a house on the coast for the night with your closest girl friends. Spend the day soaking up the sun and sand, indulge in a little shopping on the boardwalk and dance the night away at a dive bar. Wake up the next morning and enjoy mimosa’s on the beach surrounded by your best friends. Oregon’s coast is charming, cozy and affordable and will provide just the right setting for a relaxed and intimate bachelorette weekend.

2. Glamping
Bachelorette glamping

Get back into nature without going back to basics. If you love the outdoors, but hate bugs and the elements- a luxury camping trip might be just the thing for you. ‘Glamorous camping’ (or Glamping) is a big vacation trend in Oregon right now. You and your friends can enjoy boutique hotel style accommodations while staying on a beautiful outdoor campsite. Roast s’mores, sit by the fire and then retire to your luxury trailer, tent or yurt. There are endless options available to suit a multitude of comfort levels and budgets, just check out Glamping Hub. 

3. Wine Tour

wine tasting in oregon

Oregon is fast becoming a wine tasting destination of note. Our very own Hood River boasts many beautiful vineyards and elegant tasting rooms, and would make a fantastic bachelorette party trip. Wine tasting tours are relaxing, fun and just a little bit glamorous, making it a great choice for any bridal party celebration.  It also gives you the perfect excuse to hire a limo for the day and cruise the vineyards in VIP style.

4. Hotel Pool Party

Poolside relaxation

If you want to catch a bit of sun, but don’t feel like leaving the city, a hotel pool party is a great idea. Book a night in your favorite local hotel, spend the day by the pool, drinking cocktails and relaxing and then have a fancy slumber party with the girls in the evening . Most hotels in Portland offer stay-cation packages, particularly in the summer months, making this party choice fun, unusual and affordable.

5. Bachelorette Bake Off

Summer is fruit season in Oregon, and now is the time to stock up on cherries and peaches for making delicious summer treats. If you’re looking for an unusual and crafty bachelorette experience, why not have a fruit pie bake-off? Grab some fruit from the fruit stands on the Hood River fruit loop, or try your handing at picking your own. Once you’ve selected your delicious summer fruits, you girls can go home and bake together. Baking is a really fun bonding experience to share with your friends, and the baked goods you make together will be extra tasty because of the memories you’ve made. Don’t forget to take lots of fun pictures together with the fruits of your labors.