McMinnville Wine Tours

Our team of trained and dedicated chauffeurs will work hard to guarantee your satisfaction. At Aspen Limo Tours, we offer a great selection of luxury transportation options. From an anniversary date with your significant other, to a bachelor/bachelorette party downtown with all of your friends; we have the skilled drivers and the luxury vehicles to handle any special occasion. We specialize in organizing and leading Oregon and Washington wine tours, including McMinnville wine tours.

The McMinnville AVA is situated just to the west of the town of McMinnville, and is only about an hour drive away from Portland, Oregon. It is a relatively small sub-appellation of the massive Willamette Valley AVA. It is the most westerly of all of Oregon’s wine-producing regions, and has a unique climate that sets it apart from every other wine-growing region in the Willamette Valley. The climate is perfectly suited for growing and producing world-class Pinot noir wines, as well as Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc. There are more than a dozen wineries in operation in the McMinnville AVA, and even more vineyards that produce grapes for wineries all over the Willamette Valley. At Aspen Limo Tours, we have been giving Oregon and Washington wine tours for years, and as a result we possess a deep understanding of the locale. With our extensive knowledge, we can take you on a memorable wine tour. You can create your own travel plans for a wine tour, or we can formulate a plan that will take you to the top wineries in the region. We will transport you from wine tasting to wine tasting in luxury and comfort. Along the way, your tour may include gourmet meals, guided winery tours and champagne.

Our wine tours are simply the best around. No other luxury transportation service can offer such fulfilling and enjoyable Oregon and Washington wine tours. If you have any questions, or if you are thinking about organizing a wine tour with a group of friends, contact us today and we will gladly address your concerns and discuss the details with you.

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